humble beginnings

August 2007
CoreLinc LLC, formed.

October 2007
First order was received. Brass machined/plated/threaded sourced from China 30% cost savings to customer.

March 2008
Domestic production began. Transfer Fiber Optic connector assembly to Alabama facility. 22% savings utilizing customer existing supply chain.

September 2008
Begin Fiber Optic Assembly Production.


October 2008
Establish facility Suzhou China. Began developing supply chain migration with year over cost reduction strategy to present customer for Fiber Optic connector product line.

February 2009
Transfer Fiber Optic connector production from USA to China facility. 15% additional savings to customer.

March 2010
Complete Migration to entire supply chain for Fiber Optic connectors. 25% additional savings to customer.



June 2010
ISO registration in USA. TL900 registration and Verizon Audit Approval in China facility.

April 2010
Produced fiber cables and sourced key network components for Proctor and Gamble worldwide site network upgrades. Handled International distribution, transportation, customs and local delivery in 18 countries.

overcoming challenges

July 2012
5 month project to receive, warehouse and distribute 15,000 digital cable boxes for a cable/ISP provider converting users from analog to digital service. Developed in house software capable of seamlessly extracting data from customer listing files, generate shipping labels, record serial number and shipment tracking number then transmit tracking to receiving customer and consolidated files to ISP.

Awards and progress

August 2012
Established ReLintless, LLC. Quote production of disposable lint rollers to top 10 North American house wares company.

March 2014
Awarded lint roller production.

May 2014
Relocate lint roller equipment from Ludlow KY to Roanoke AL. Begin production June.

August 2014
Target Inc. process audit approval for producing private label retail products.

February 2015
Begin distribution operation for lint roller customer servicing mid to large volume retailers such as Walgreens and Target.